In-depth and sophisticated approach to recovery

At Miracles, we believe that addiction and behavioural health issues require an in-depth and sophisticated approach that treats the physical, mental, social, and spiritual elements of each person, rather than just the presenting problem.

All clients undergo a comprehensive assessment, not just of the presenting issue, but of all possible underlying issues or dual diagnoses. This approach vastly increases the chance of sustained recovery and high quality of life.

We are looking for the root causes of your disorder- we are looking for a true solution

Our highly-skilled staff at Miracles Asia understand that each guest is unique and responds differently to various types of therapy, which is why we offer a wide range of treatment modalities. We also provide five times the number of individual therapy sessions offered at other treatment centres.

Our varied and dynamic approach to treatment ensures that we are prepared to offer the level and type of treatment that each resident needs to achieve his or her goals, not only in the residential phase of treatment, but also after he or she has successfully completed treatment at Miracles Asia.