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Miracles Asia Sports Programme


30 Day Residential Sport’s Programme in Partnership with Thanyapura Sports Complex


Addiction Treatment for athletes and sports minded individuals

We understand how addictive behavior can effect both those with active sporting lives or wishing to recover with a sports component. Miracles Asia has combined both sports and recovery to specifically address problematic behavior relating to alcohol, gambling and substance misuse.

For the last two years our residential treatment programme has been partnering with Thanyapura, an Olympic level fitness facility, and using its amazing facilities and expertise. The feedback we received from clients indicated a high desire to combine physical conditioning with emotional and spiritual healing. Because some of our clients wish to restore or maintain a high activity lifestyle, we have combined our proven, core addiction model, with an intensive physical conditioning component to offer a comprehensive treatment option for sports minded clients.

Sports Miracle clients benefit from a comprehensive medical and psychosocial assessment within 48-hours of arrival, and work with both an individual counselor to develop their treatment goals, as well as their personal trainer to design personalised fitness plans.

The normal treatment day is divided into mornings that focus on individual and group counseling, and afternoons that emphasize physical training and conditioning at Thanyapura.

Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort, is located on the beautiful tropical island of Phuket Thailand, only 20 minutes away from the Miracles Asia residence. It hosts and trains Olympic and professional athletes and is Asia’s leading triathlon training facility.

With Olympic pools, football fields, running tracks, aerobic and strength training centers, as well as full boxing and kick-boxing facilities, the fitness portion of Miracles Asia’s sport model allows virtually all athletes to maintain or increase their physical condition while addressing their addiction in a state-of-the-art comprehensive program.

Tanyapura’s Triathlon Academy group training sessions are open to all; from beginners looking to get started, to elite athletes preparing for their season. All levels of fitness and experience are catered for within the group and with 17 Triathlon group training sessions each week – every week of the year – this is one of the most comprehensive group triathlon training programs around.

The trainers and facilities are well known around the world and Thanyapura is fully equipped to take you to any level – be assured that you’re training with qualified coaches. All of our Sports Miracles programmes start with a 1-on-1 consultation with one of the Triathlon coaches to ensure your training program is a perfect fit for your goals.