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Sex Addiction Treatment in Thailand

Treatment for sex and love addiction


Where does normal behaviour end & pathology begin?

At Miracles Asia we often get inquiries about potential Sex and Love Addiction. Here, we recognise that human sexuality exists on a multi-dimensional continuum and there is not a “normal” sexuality model. It often falls to the individual to determine what healthy and appropriate sexual behaviour is for oneself.

When helping a client determine if their expression of sexuality or intimacy is problematic, the most helpful questions are:

1. Is this behaviour deviant?- Deviant behaviour means that the behaviour is significantly different from what is considered normal for one’s culture, religion, environment, etc. Deviance alone is not proof that one needs help, it just means it is not usual when compared to others.

2. Is the behaviour distressing?- Distressing is a subjective term but basically means: are you upset, worried, or feel guilty about what you are doing?

And lastly…

3. Is this behaviour disabling?- Disabling may be the strongest indicator that a behaviour could be dysfunctional. Is the behaviour causing tangible harm in areas of relationships, physical safety, finances, legal risk, social standing or self-esteem?

Signs and symptoms of Sex and Love Addiction

Some clients who seek help for sex addiction report frequent contact with prostitutes, while others have never paid for sex, but are excessively and obsessively using dating sites to maintain a constant flow of potential romantic or sexual partners. For some, the behaviour is specifically manifesting in internet or other types of pornography and still for others, frequency of monogamous sex or elevating levels of fetish activities with one partner may be the concern.

The “Love” aspect of Sex and Love Addiction can sometimes be the hardest to recognise. Symptoms often reported include an unhealthy obsession or dependence on one individual, either an actual partner or a person never involved with. When a person admits they maintain a toxic and unhealthy relationship because they know that no matter how inappropriate or painful it is, they cannot live with the person, they may have entered the realm of Love Addiction.

Sex and Love Addiction Treatment at Miracle’s Asia

At Miracles, we help our clients to design a model in which they can differentiate between healthy and unhealthy behaviours and create a buffer space or ‘warning zone’ in which the recovering client can live a normal and happy life, while consciously avoiding the behaviours and patterns that caused them and others pain.

Our comprehensive programme allows our clients to identify, understand and deconstruct their addictive patterns and replace them with healthy and functional alternatives.