Miracles Asia Mental Wellness Programmes


While many rehabs recognize and attempt to accommodate “dual diagnosis” treatment, the presence of both an addiction issue and another specific disorder, Miracles Asia provides this, but is also the first residential addiction center in Thailand to also offer freestanding mental wellness programs.

We recognize that some people who do not have an addiction, do suffer from conditions such as anxiety disorders, mood disorders, adjustment issues and personality disorders.   For these people, the only traditional option was casual out-patient treatment, or hospitalization.

At Miracles Asia we are proud to offer new and more desirable solutions.   Clients who are struggling with a mental health issues, and wish intensive treatment in a comfortable and private environment, may be eligible for admission to our Mental Wellness programme.

Mental wellness clients receive all the benefits and services of our traditional clients, but with an emphasis on their particular disorder and a customized treatment program.

Psychological services include 3-4 individual counseling sessions per week, along with daily group topic and process therapy sessions. Psychiatric services include a comprehensive physical exam as well as psychiatric services through one of our partner, international hospitals.

We encourage you to speak to one of our clinical staff to learn if Miracles Asia’s mental wellness programme is right for you.