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Don’t wait for change to happen on its own!


The Miracles Asia Family Support team can help you understand what is going on for you and the addict in real time by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the situation with you, and work with you to devise a plan for a way forward.

Sometimes it becomes apparent that the first step is for you to seek support from professionals or community groups who can help you detach from the addict, not the person, until the time is right for them to seek treatment. We can help you source those supports if needed.

We at Miracles Asia work hard to include the family in the treatment process, before, during and after a client’s time with us.

We can assist you to begin to plan a conversation with your loved one. Sometimes direct, honest and loving discussions can begin the journey. Most of the time, though, the addiction has progressed to a level that blinds your loved one to the extent of the problem and its consequences for everyone around them. This is what is termed “denial”.



Intervention support

But you don’t have to be in denial too. We can assist you to begin planning for what is termed an “intervention” with your loved one from the very start. An intervention is a structured conversation between you and others who care about the addict, and the addict. The goal is to motivate the addict to experience a ‘window of opportunity’ and be willing to seek help, however briefly. Time and planning are of the essence, so an intervention must be carefully planned.

You will most probably need the help of a drug and alcohol recovery professional to plan and carry out an intervention successfully. It is usually conducted by family and friends and can even involve members of your loved one’s faith or community who care about them. This is mainly because addiction is a disease of isolation. Addicts can be in a crowd of friends or family or colleagues but feel very much alone. Addiction takes over the brain, so we help you to help your loved one make the journey from that isolated “I” to a “We.”

Miracles Asia believes that we are all in this together. Addiction owns the addict’s brain, but not the heart. The addict knows the truth, in the heart. That’s where the real battleground is. That’s why our family support team teach you how to reach for the heart in an intervention, not the brain. 

We teach you how to reframe the issue as a medical problem rather than a moral failing or an ethical issue or willpower issue. We emphasise the power of relationships, love and connection. These are the powers that makes the difference. We help you put structure around your love and concern for the addict, without enabling. You can make a big difference to an addict’s and your own lives.

Family support team

The intervention usually provides specific examples of destructive behaviours and their impact on the addict and their family, friends, community or colleagues; offers a clearly defined treatment plan with goals, a defined process and guidelines; and clearly predicts what each loved one will do if the addict refuses to accept treatment.

It is best if you contact Miracles Asia to be put in touch with one of our qualified professionals to discuss the process. An intervention can be a highly emotional situation where the addict can become angry, resentful or feel betrayed and set upon. The intervention team (you and others) can also become fearful or over-emotive and the intervention can be derailed by uncertainty within the team.

In order to keep an intervention as safe and loving as possible, there is a lot of groundwork to be completed before it takes place. An unassisted intervention can worsen the situation. You will need professional help to navigate the steps of the process. If there is also a co-occurring mental health issue, it will impact on how the intervention is planned. It’s very important to consult a professional if you suspect your loved one may react violently or self-destructively.

Therefore, we recommend you consult an addiction professional such as one of the Miracles Asia team to discuss the proposed intervention. We can complete a comprehensive assessment of the situation, suggest the best approach, and assist you to decide what type of treatment and follow-up plan is likely to work best for your loved one.

Even if an intervention isn’t how you would like to proceed, or doesn’t work, you and others involved in your loved one’s life can make changes that may help. You can avoid enabling the destructive cycle of behaviour and take active steps to encourage positive change for yourself. Please refer to the Other Family Supports page for more information about finding more support and help to recover from the effects of your loved one’s addiction. Don’t Give Up H.O.P.E. (Hang On, Pain Ends).


We’re here for you!

If you’d like to learn more about planning an intervention, please contact us using the form below and a Family Support Consultant will contact you as soon as possible.



We understand that family involvement can be a scary prospect for some, but it can also be an essential part of the client’s recovery. We offer an optional provision of a Family Works session for clients or a full-day Family Works sessions for families.



We believe that the journey toward recovery is highly influenced by family dynamics. The Family Works programme looks objectively at these family dynamics to uncover possible fears and breakdowns in family relationships. It then seeks to educate and inform the family in areas of improved communication.