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Gambling Addiction How we treat you at Miracles Asia rehab centre, Thailand

Gambling Addiction 

Miracles Asia exclusive gambling
addiction program…


While all addiction models share many similar behavioural and cognitive patterns, individuals suffer from pathological gambling often report initial resistance to identify with traditional alcohol and drug addicts.

While some gamblers also report substance related symptoms, many have no issues with chemicals and their addiction is exclusively focused on gambling.

For this reason, Miracles Asia is proud to present our exclusive gambling addiction program.

  • Some of the symptoms of a gambling problem include:
  • Being secretive about your gambling
  • Gambling when cannot afford it.
  • Continue gambling when in debt in an effort to make back lost money
  • Excitement or anticipation of when you will gamble
  • .Multiple occurrences of promising to stop or saying “this is the last time”
  • Social isolation, relationship problems and decrease in other hobbies or interests
  • .Justifying the behaviour by telling yourself it’s just about making money, similar to the stock market or crypto-currency
  • Guilt, remorse or anger after losing money
  • Our residential gambling program begins with a comprehensive analysis of your gambling history, stress responses, personal lifestyle and related variables.

For some people their gambling is a primary problem while others find their gambling is secondary or in response to some other issue.

Either way, we help you design a recovery program that not only allows you to stop the gambling but to also develop new techniques for stress response, coping and relaxation.

A combination of individual and group therapy, along with holistic therapies such as massage, meditation, yoga and recreation allow you to address your issues completely and to learn new, functional skills that you will take with you to apply in your natural environment.

Miracles Asia’s gambling program is available in 30, 60 and 90 day modules.


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