Rehab Thailand Fitness


Exclusive access to Thanyapura Health and Sports Resort

Along with diet and nutrition, exercise plays a key role in overall wellness and recovery from addiction and other mental health disorders. For many clients, addiction has led to a complete neglect of physical wellness, while others may have developed skewed perceptions of what is truly healthy.

Our signature treatment package includes exclusive access to Thanyapura Health and Sports Resort, Asia’s premier health and wellness centre. Thanyapura is equipped with state-of-the-art sports facilities, an integrative health centre, and world-class personal trainers.

In addition to your regular trips to Thanyapura, you will be able to partake in other on-site fitness activities such as yoga, swimming in our gorgeous pool, or taking a mindful stroll through our private villa. On the weekends, our clients can enjoy a myriad of recreational outings in the community and explore the beautiful island of Phuket that so many flock to for a luxury getaway.