Dual Diagnosis Treatment Thailand

Treatment of dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders

Dual diagnosis also known as co-occurring mental disorder is when a person with a substance abuse problem also has a mental health diagnosis. This could include depression, anxiety, PTSD, or others. Diagnosing a primary psychiatric illness in substance abusers is not always easy as drug abuse itself often produces psychiatric symptoms, therefore making it difficult to separate between substance induced and pre-existing mental illness.

Those with co-occurring disorders face complex challenges. They have increased rates of relapse and hospitalisation until correctly diagnosed. At our rehab in Thailand, we will administer comprehensive biopsychosocial assessments and medical exams, as well as coordinating with any pre-existing or current medical or mental health professionals in order to ensure accurate diagnoses and formulate appropriate treatment plans.


Treatment of Co-Occurring Addictions in Thailand

Our integrated treatment approach involves a seamless blending of interventions into a single coherent treatment package developed with a consistent philosophy and approach. With this approach, both disorders (substance abuse and mental health) are considered primary. Integrated treatment can improve results and outcomes.

The benefits of residential treatment for Dual Diagnosis are:

  • Being away from your usual environment – Often people feel confined and disheartened in their daily life. It is easy to repeat poor choices in the place where you live and work.
  • Being away from the substance – With the substance out of the way, what’s left is your relationship with you, and this is when the real healing can happen.
  • Professional help- Trained professionals are here to help you to learn new behaviours and new ways of thinking, plus techniques to overcome emotional issues.
  • Your daily needs are cared for – Without the need to cook, clean, and earn, your time is free to focus on recovery.
  • Social support – In residential treatment centres, you realise on every level that you are not alone. It can be both novel and healing to become aware that other people share your same issues and feelings.