Modern and Effective Drug Addiction Treatment in Thailand

Miracles Asia is the Leading Drug Addiction Rehab in Thailand Offering Modern and
Effective Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction ruins lives. There is no other way of looking at it.  The addict will inevitably lose their health, money, family and friends. Families can only watch as their loved one slip further and further away. Seeking professional help is imperative but how? Navigating the world of addiction treatment can be daunting for addicts and their loved ones alike. Knowing what is the right treatment, how much it should it cost, how long it should take and a myriad of other questions need to be answered. 

We can help. You may feel isolated and alone but we understand what you are going through. Our team is expert in explaining what we do and in delivering world-class, effective drug addiction treatment that works. Many of us are in recovery ourselves and have been where you are. We offer individually-tailored programmes that meet the client’s specific needs in a small, therapeutic and  luxury environment.

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Treatment for Drug Addiction

The Miracles Asia drug addiction treatment program is targeted for chemical addiction clients whose primary substance was something other than alcohol. Drug addiction is normally classified as either recreational or prescription in its nature.

At Miracles Asia we rarely differentiate treatment clients by substance used because once a person has physically withdrawn from their drug of choice, the psychological, emotional and spiritual damage that remains are very similar and create a shared experience for clients, despite what drugs they were taking.

Some common consequences of drug addiction often seen include:

  • Damage to physical health (cardiac, respiratory, immune, liver, dental, and skin)
  • Financial harm; either in cost to procure the drugs, loss of job, or other
  • Lack of work or professional productivity
  • A continually shrinking social world; less friends, fewer hobbies, less activities
  • Cognitive impairment; decreased memory, lack of concentration, easily irritated, low motivation, poor decision making
  • Decay of relationships with family or friends
  • Damage to reputation, confidence, and self-image
  • Criminal and legal offences

Drug addiction treatment at Miracles Asia consists of four main components:

  • Medical detox at our partner international hospital upon need
  • Assessment for both addiction related issues as well as secondary diagnoses or other underlying issues that may amplify the addiction.
  • Core program: The client will learn to deconstruct their addiction, understand motivations and identify dysfunctional behaviour patterns, develop new and functional coping mechanisms, and prepare to move on to a healthy and productive life.
  • Discharge preparation/Aftercare planning: Guests will spend their last week of rehab preparing for their transition home.  This includes procuring support resources, enrolling in follow-up services, and a structured and practical action plan.

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