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Miracles Asia Corporate Programme

Addiction Treatment for Employees

Addiction is an equal opportunity disease, striking people from all walks of life. Addiction can be found right across the socioeconomic spectrum, from homeless shelters to Hedge Fund CEOs.

The cost to employers for issues related to drug or alcohol misuse can be high – Reduced productivity, absence, dismissal leading to recruitment, breaches of health and safety, accidents, damage to relationships (both client and staff) and business reputation are a few of the issues faced by employers.

It is a difficult topic for employers. Balancing doing the right thing by the business and trying to carry out your duty of care as an employer can be challenging. Employers can find themselves wrestling with business and moral dilemmas as well as the costs that it involves in lost productivity, lost opportunities and impaired decision making.

As an employer, Miracles Asia understands that the investment in staff can be high and the loss of key staff members due to an alcohol or drug problem can cause the business negative impacts. No business owner wants to see their investment in staff lost through the absence, dismissal or injury of a worker.

We have found that, for this type of clientele, targeted executive treatment programmes produce the best results. They are specifically designed to fill the needs of professionals, whose lives have been altered by substance abuse.

Private treatment may seem expensive but the investment could be less than having to dismiss or not doing anything. The average investment in key team members is estimated to be in the region of 70,000 USD per individual, plus rehiring is normally an average of three month’s salary at least. Many successful companies are now finding its cheaper, to keep staff than replace staff.

Miracles Asia currently works with many businesses in SE Asia and around the globe who are committed to their key staff and are helping them tackle their drug and alcohol addiction issues. Our treatment is designed for employees to engage with the treatment programme, whilst maximizing the private care and treatment.

What sets a rehab program for business professionals apart from other treatment plans?

Our programmes are tailored to the needs of clients who live and work under a high level of pressure. Demanding careers, family conflicts and the need to uphold a professional identity at any cost is mentally and physically exhausting. For professionals who are struggling with mental illness as well as addiction, the effects of alcoholism or drug abuse can be even more devastating. Integrated treatment plans help recovery from the damage of chemical dependency while focusing simultaneously on psychological health.

In recovery, many professionals find that they are able to create more meaningful lives and build stronger bonds with the people they love. If you feel that stress and addiction have undermined your sense of purpose, an executive treatment program may offer the key to rediscovering your energy and vitality.

Services for Professionals

What can you expect when you enter a treatment program for executives?

Miracles Asia offers personal evaluation, individualized care plans and intensive treatment in a confidential, supportive atmosphere. Therapeutic services include individual and family therapy to help you and your loved ones restore damaged relationships. Peer support groups give you the opportunity to talk with other professionals like yourself and to develop new coping strategies for your demanding lifestyle.

With everything you’ve achieved in life, recovery may still be one of the greatest challenges you’ll ever have to face. We’re here to give you the support and hope you need to reach your full potential.

Call our admissions coordinators at any time to learn more about our cutting-edge professional treatment programs.

Miracles Asia is also a Dual Diagnosis Rehab why is that important?

At one time, addiction treatment and mental health services were rarely, if ever, offered as part of the same recovery program. The two fields were considered separate; mental health professionals often did not treat addiction, and addiction specialists steered clear of psychiatric disorders. Today, the mental health community has recognized the need for a Dual Diagnosis treatment model that provides integrated services to those who suffer from co-occurring psychiatric disorders and substance abuse problems.

White-collar professionals are typically high achievers, striving to be the best in every area of their lives. Their energy and self-confidence may mask the symptoms of bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder or depression. Substance abuse is often used as a coping mechanism by people with mental health disorders. In fact, many of the symptoms of substance abuse — fatigue, irritability, self-isolation, mood swings — may mask the signs of an underlying psychological problem.

The goal of Dual Diagnosis rehab is to increase the chances of long-term recovery by integrating treatment for addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. Co-occurring disorders can increase the risk of a relapse among substance abusers. In addition, recovering addicts with mood disorders or emotional dysfunction are more likely to have a relapse of their psychiatric symptoms if they return to drinking or using. Along with detox and rehab, Dual Diagnosis treatment programs include comprehensive aftercare services to reduce the risk of falling back into addiction or returning to destructive behaviors.

Key Elements of the Executive Program

  • Rehab location & amenities:  Miracles Asia is located in a private villa in its own grounds, in a private and discreet setting from the rest of the island.
  • Individual and group counseling seven days per week, facilitated by our integrated behavioral health team, who have experience in providing EAP services to staff of embassies, NGO’s and private sector companies throughout Asia.
  • Individualized Family Programming that utilizes experiential group therapy where patients and family members will experience and practice healthy communication. We approach interactions with executive families with the same discretion and sensitivity to privacy and lifestyle differentiators as their loved ones.
  • Integrated Professional Programming, which includes the ability to participate in professional groups and programming throughout the week, as well as individual sessions with staff experienced in the treatment of professionals and executives, legal professionals, and specialty treatment programming to process work integration and recovery.
  • Educational lectures, facilitated by our integrated behavioral health team, focus on such topics as:
    • The high functioning addict/alcoholic
    • Blind spots in recovery
    • Coping skills
    • Work integration
    • Consequences
    • Anger & resentments
    • Defense mechanisms
    • Sober support systems
    • Spirituality
  • Other activities
    • Weekly massages and medical massages for patients suffering from chronic pain
    • Yoga and mindfulness meditation
    • Access to fitness services at “Thanyapura”, our partner health facility that offers Olympic level training facilities
    • Access to use of connectivity so some work may be continued when clinically appropriate and warranted, to accommodate pressing business issues
    • Continuing Care Planning. Evidence-based research shows that long-term recovery is best accomplished with structured support following treatment, which encourages accountability, building self-esteem and involving the family. Throughout treatment, a patient’s treatment team will work together to create an individualized continuing care plan.

Length of Stay

Executive patients have distinct goals for treatment. For that reason, the Executive Program is customized to include varying lengths, with the understanding that our mission is to provide each person with the treatment they need – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually – to achieve and sustain a life of recovery.

Our experienced admissions team will work closely with your HR (Human Resource) Department, or business owners and managers. Booking a place in our clinic for your employee is very discreet and very simple. We ensure your member of staff and company remain anonymous to help safeguard your businesses reputation.

If you are concerned a member of staff may be suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction and whether you are in need of help, or you’re close to someone who has a problem with addiction, rehabilitation is the only way to ensure a complete recovery.