Miracles Asia Rehab Thailand


Simple steps to recovery


When you decide you are ready to receive help and are considering Miracles Asia as your choice of rehab, there is a standard process for us to help you determine if we are the right destination for you.

Initial Assessment

After initial contact, one of our clinical team will contact you (normally within a few hours) to discuss your personal details and medical and substance abuse history more thoroughly to enable us to begin development of your customised, personalised treatment plan. We will explain our programme offerings and help determine if Miracles Asia is right for you.


Medical Assessment

Our clinical and/or medical staff will collect your medical and substance use information to determine and help plan the level of medical support you will need for possible detox. In addition we will accommodate chronic medical conditions and ensure that any required prescription medications are available to you.


Client Registration & Travel Arrangements

Upon agreement to accept you as a client a member of our admissions team will forward you a registration form and invoice. After the deposit payment is received by us we will assist you in organising your travel arrangements, including Thailand visa requirements.


Admission preparation

Prior to your departure to Miracles Asia, our staff will send you information on how to prepare for treatment, what to bring, and what to expect. In addition, our team will help with any travel changes or visa needs.


Arriving in Phuket Thailand

You will be met at the airport by one of our Miracles Asia team members and privately transported to our luxurious and secluded villa which is only 30 minutes from Phuket International Airport. VIP pick up off the airplane and private customs clearance can be arranged.


Arrival at the Miracles Asia Villa

Within 24 hours of your arrival at Miracles Asia, you will have a complete physical assessment, including full bloodwork, at our partner international hospital and (if needed) a psychiatric assessment with our psychiatrist MD. This allows us to complete a comprehensive treatment plan that is uniquely tailored to your individual needs, preferences and life circumstances.


Commencing Treatment

Your treatment plan will be discussed in a collaborative manner with you. This will include a daily schedule of therapies, exercise, wellness options and excursions. You will be provided with your own Client Handbook, Journal and supporting reading materials.


Payment Procedure

Full payment of the balance of your treatment fees is due on arrival at Miracles Asia. Our admissions team will assist you in arranging for payment by credit card or bank transfer before you arrive.


Aftercare Following Treatment

Our commitment to our clients’ long term recovery includes a comprehensive aftercare plan for your return home. You will receive continued support and on-going guidance from us as well as referral to our extensive partner networks worldwide.