Rehab Thailand Excursions


Treating the whole person

Addiction and behavioural health issues require an in-depth and sophisticated approach that treats the whole person – physical, mental, social, and spiritual. We offer a variety of activities including yoga and meditation, Thai boxing, off-site visits to cultural sites, and other recreational excursions to stimulate and restore your whole self.



Yoga is a form of meditation that can provide help for the body and mind. The exercise and dynamic stretching of yoga can help with stiffness, stress and tension. It has also shown to help with mental stress, anxiety and depression by improving quality of life. In private or group yoga classes, clients gain breathing control techniques to relax the body and ease the mind, all in the service of recovery.



Meditation can help people recover by teaching them how to live in the moment rather than fixating on addiction or other problems. It can be used to clear the mind of negative thoughts and build up a more positive mental outlook. It is also very effective at relieving stress and anxiety.

As part of your core treatment program, each day that you are with us will commence with a brief meditation session. Spending even a few minutes in meditation can restore your calm and inner peace and put you in the right frame of mind for the day ahead. You will also have the unique opportunity to learn meditation techniques directly from Thai Buddhist monks.


Exploring the island of Phuket

On the weekends, our clients may enjoy a myriad of recreational outings in the community to have fun in recovery and explore and enjoy beautiful Phuket.


Some of these excursions will include:

  • Boating to nearby picturesque islands
  • Jungle trekking
  • Beach picnics
  • Elephant sanctuary visits
  • Market shopping…and many more options