Miracles Asia Rehab Thailand


A truly personalised rehab experience in Thailand


Miracles Asia Rehab Thailand is a private addiction treatment and mental wellness centre committed to our clients’ well-being and recovery. We have pioneered an innovative approach to treatment that combines ‘traditional’ methods with cutting edge therapies based on the most recent scientific developments and evidence based research.

Our luxury rehab centre is located in stunning Phuket, where we have access to world-class medical care and wellness facilities that you simply will not find anywhere else. A skilled and experienced clinical team use holistic, evidence-based treatment programmes which are tailored to the specific, individual needs of each client. We work tirelessly and patiently to help clients in their recovery process from start to finish and provide a spiritually healthy, supportive and peaceful environment with 24-hour care and supervision.

Thai Rehab License

Miracles Asia is recognised and accredited by The Ministry of Public Health and we pride ourselves in delivering world-class clinical care that is cost effective and provides the best chance of recovery with support throughout the entire journey. We believe you simply can not find another care provider that can deliver the high standards we offer at a more affordable price.