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Miracles Asia Rehab Thailand is a private, discreet and totally confidential rehabilitation centre located on the beautiful island of Phuket in the Andaman sea. We offer comprehensive treatment for addictions and mental health that is fully certified by the Thai government.

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The definition of bespoke

One size does not fit all. We provide the most customisable treatment for addictions and mental health disorders with five times the number of individual therapy sessions offered by other programmes in Asia.

Unparalleled experience

The team at Miracles Asia offer the most professional and empathic service in the field. Our clinical team and therapists have extensive experience in the delivery of effective treatment programmes that provide successful outcomes and long term recovery.

Founder of Miracles Asia Rehab Thailand

Innovative Nutritional Therapy

Our innovative addiction treatment and mental health recovery programmes feature a recovery-focused Diet and Nutrition Plan and Addiction Nutraceutical Infusion Therapy. These standout offerings give our clients an edge in recovery and help to promote biochemical restoration.


Olympic Pool for Clients

World-renowned partners in wellness

Miracles Asia is partnered with Asia’s premiere wellness centre and internationally accredited private hospitals to ensure you have access to the highest standard of care achievable.

Luxury island setting

The beautiful island of Phuket provides the ideal backdrop for relaxation, restoration, and recovery. Our treatment programmes include private accommodation and access to world-class facilities and activities. A truly comprehensive treatment experience serves as the perfect launch to a future of health, happiness, and sobriety.

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