Recover in luxury
A destination of peace, recovery and self-discovery

Miracles Asia offers a safe, nurturing, healing environment for clients to begin their journey of recovery.

We are a secluded and private treatment facility situated in the peaceful and tranquil Phuket countryside,
and in close proximity to beautiful beaches and stunning mountain views in a luxury villa.

Our holistic treatment programs consist of small, focused groups of not more than eight clients at any one time.

This unique care, along with our intensive one-to-one therapy significantly increases the effectiveness for long-term recovery.


Why Miracles Asia

Focused, Individualised & Luxurious

We are a private, discreet treatment facility committed to our clients’ well-being and recovery from addiction in stunning Phuket.

Our very experienced Clinical Team has created a holistic, evidence-based addiction treatment program which will be tailored to the specific, individual needs of each client.

Miracles Asia’s skilled and compassionate team of addiction specialists will work tirelessly and patiently to help clients in their recovery process and commit to getting well and staying well.

We provide a spiritually healthy, supportive and peaceful environment with 24-hour care and supervision.

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Rehab Special for Australian and New Zealand Addiction Treatment in Phuket Thailand

Ministry of Public Health, Thailand

Accredited by
The Ministry of Public Health, Thailand

"Out of difficulties grow miracles."
– Jean de la Bruyere

Why Phuket, Thailand

Recovery in Paradise

With its natural beauty and balmy weather, Phuket is the perfect setting for our client’s recovery in peacefulness and anonymity.

For most clients, our location is far enough from the distractions of everyday life to allow them to focus completely on recovery.

With a myriad of recreational, health and wellness offerings available on land and sea, Miracles Asia clients enjoy a host of diverse, enjoyable activities.

Our clients can usually fly directly into Phuket from most regions in the word and our facility is within a 20 minute drive from the airport.

Our Goal

Transforming lives by overcoming addiction

Our goal is to enable clients to transform their lives completely by overcoming their addiction and embracing a life of recovery.

Rather than delivering a formulaic approach to treatment, Miracles provides a holistic, customised program specific to each and every client.

Our goal is to transform every clients’ life. We understand how to help our client’s to achieve this with the care, support and understanding that can only come by working with our highly professional team who are in recovery themselves.

This sets Miracles Asia apart from any other treatment facility in South-East Asia.

Our Philosophy

Compassion, respect & understanding

Addiction can have deep roots, but with excellence in treatment it is possible to live a lifetime in reovery.

At Miracles Asia, you will be treated with compassion, respect and understanding as you uncover and address the underlying issues that have contributed to your addiction.

Recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol can be daunting. Clients at Miracles Asia should expect quality care from a devoted, discreet staff that are dedicated to providing an individualised programme of addiction treatment.

We have highly qualified, credentialed addiction specialists and counsellors who will help you or your loved one get the tools needed for a lasting recovery.

We will help make your future the one you can’t wait to begin.

How we work together

Courage, guidance & commitment

Let there be no mistake — It takes courage, guidance and commitment to become clean and sober. And it works both ways.

Our team has made the commitment to open our hearts and minds to those who seek our help.

We offer daily, individualised attention to help clients address underlying problems, clear away the wreckage of their past and build the foundation for a new life, clean and sober.

Clients will experience exceptional treatment, respect, compassion and comfort in one of the most beautiful settings in the world.

Help is as close as a phone call away.

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Healing renewal - East meets West
Wellness & Fitness at Thanyapura

Addiction treatment at Miracles Asia includes a healing renewal and balance of your mind, body and spirit.

Our addiction treatment program integrates wellness through delicious and healthy cuisine and balanced with physical fitness options in partnership with Thanyapura – a world-class health and wellness facility nearby.

Thanyapura membership is included for all our clients and offers a wide range of activities from yoga, pilates and Muay Thai, full equipped gym to meditation and spa services.


I leave Miracles a stronger woman, committed to continue mending and honoring myself with self-love and acceptance.

I will always be eternally grateful to the people who have been a part of my recovery at miracles.

The experience has not only changed my life, it has saved it.

If you are suffering from alcoholism and/or addiction, I would encourage you to give yourself a second chance at life and make the call.

Miracles happen here, and I am living proof.

Grace - 31 years old

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
– Lao Tzu

Service Culture

Caring, team work & exceptional hospitality

At Miracles Asia, we have team members who have extensive experience in 5-star international hotels and leaders in service based industries.

Who we are

We are caring, service orientated professionals in recovery. Our vision is to offer an exceptional quality of service, which is only surpassed by our clinical teams’ expert delivery of outstanding therapeutic service.

Our objective is to be recognized as the most leading professional service care providers in Asia in the field of recovery, with the model of small focused groups in comfortable surroundings and nurturing service.

Our service teams are highly trained and supported, and instilled with the ethic of personal service and client care being the priority. Doing so allows us to fulfil the needs and tastes of our valued clients, and to maintain our position as Asia’s leading luxury, and clinically focused recovery facility.

What we believe

Our greatest asset, and the key to our success, is our team members. We believe that each of us needs a sense of dignity, pride and satisfaction in what we do, from the Clinical Director to our service technicians.

Helping clients in their recovery depends on consistent support, and we are most effective when we work together cooperatively, respecting others’ unique contributions and integral importance.

How we succeed

We succeed when every service and clinical decision is based on a clear understanding of, and making our primary priority the service of, our clients’ best interests. Our combination of exceptional service and industry experience, coupled with our care, compassion and support are fundamental in encouraging and supporting the sustainable, long-term recovery of our clients.

How we behave

We demonstrate our belief most meaningfully in the way we treat each other and our clients. In all our interactions with our clients and colleagues, we seek to deal with others as we would have them deal with us.


Our Staff

Mark Heather - General Manager / Co-founder
Mark Heather
General Manager / Co-founder

Mark has over twenty years senior management experience working with international brands in South and South East Asia, including Four Seasons, Anantara, and Six Senses, and has opened many hotels across Asia.

Craig Gagnon - Director of Clinical Services
Craig Gagnon
Director of Clinical Services

Craig received his degree in Psychology and masters in Community Counseling from Winona State university and his masters in Clinical Psychology from St. Mary’s University, interning at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Supisara Jaroensuk (Bonus) - Lead Counselor
Supisara Jaroensuk (Bonus)
Lead Counselor

Bonus earned her Master in clinical psychology at King’s College London (Internship at South London and Maudsley Hospital, UK.) and her upper second honour; BSc Psychology degree from Middlesex University London, UK.

Kim Weller - Administration Manager
Kim Weller
Administration Manager

Kim comes to Miracles Asia from a background of Legal Administration for firms in Australia and the UK, including senior litigation administrative duties for the BBC, London. Kim is a long-term resident of Thailand.

Tim O Leary
Tim O'Leary

Since graduating from Chapman University in Orange County, California, Tim joined Navis Capital Partners, a leading Private Equity firm in Asia with USD 5bn under management, as an Investment Analyst for the past 3 years.

Chaisongkhram Kuntiyoo (POM) - Chef
Chaisongkhram Kuntiyoo (POM)
Operations Manager

"Chef" manages overall facility operations and is responsible for the effective and successful management of labor, food and beverage, quality control and safety measures for Miracles Asia.

Khru Ning - Yoga
Khru Ning
Yoga Instructor

Khru Ning is our in-house personal yoga instructor who is trained in Therapeutic Yoga and Anatomy since 2015. She completed 200 hrs of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and 200 hrs of Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Yutthasart Chaibuakeaw - Certified Practitioner Nurse
Yutthasart Chaibuakeaw
Certified Practitioner Nurse

Yutthasart Chaibuakeaw is our Certified Practitioner Nurse who graduated and done his training from The Royal Thai Navy College of Nursing.

Bill O'Leary - Board Member
Bill O'Leary
Board Member

Bill is a board member as well as an invaluable co-founder of Miracles Asia. Bill (Billo') worked managing luxury boating operations for island resorts in Australia for 5 years before sailing to Thailand in 1987. He then managed Amancruises for Amanpuri in Phuket for 21 years.